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What's the deal with family meetings?

Family meetings allow you to bring all of your travelers together and foster connection, cooperation and communication.
By: Jana

Family meetings are a big part of the Roadtrip Possible process. They allow you to bring all of your travelers together to discuss a variety of topics. They foster connection, cooperation and communication - all of which makes a difference on and off the road.

We could write for days about the benefits (and sometimes challenges) of holding family meetings and facilitating discussions with kids (and adults) of all ages. And sometime soon, we probably will. For now, though, we've rounded up a few articles that do a great job of summarizing some of the basics of family meetings. You'll see a lot of similarities in these 3 articles but each offers its own "flavor" and adds something a bit unique to the discussion.

We can't encourage you enough to practice these strategies at home before you get on the road. They can impact your planning but also set the stage for more collaboration and fun on the road!

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