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We believe that road trips are so much more than a way to get from here to there.
They transform and bind us, they expand our mindset and creativity, and they makes us more than we were before.
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Roadtrip Possible is more than a road trip planning course or app or book.

It’s our response to all the noise that made it seem impossible to take meaningful, affordable road trips with our kids. It’s our response to the influencers and big-T Travel industry that made us feel like we weren’t enough. It’s our response to the idea that road trips are too hard to plan and are ill-fated anyway, that all we could hope for is to survive a family road trip.

We don’t want to just survive. We don’t want to feel overwhelmed and discouraged, dull and numb. We want to live fully, we want to connect, to feel free and empowered and excited about our lives and each other.

We want to share our memories and feel proud of what we’ve done, what we’ve created with and for our kids.

We want some affirmation that we’re doing it “right” and that we spent the time and money we had in meaningful, memorable ways because time is passing, kids are growing up, jobs are wearing us down, the world is changing. And all we really have is right now.

We want to know that we can actually do the things that we want most.

We want to know that we are enough.

But that way of thinking is not what sells.

Huge engines are at work to feed our fears of missing out, of not being enough and of not doing it “right”.

We’re told that in order to do it right, we have to do it the way everyone else does. That we “must see” what the experts say we must see and that we should spend whatever we have to to make sure we don’t miss anything. They prey on our fears of doing it wrong and of missing out.

And the travel industrial complex - the big ticket travel and tourism folks along with the influencers - want to sell us on the idea that we’ve got to go to Disneyworld or an all inclusive beach resort or some other specific destination or that we have to sell everything, homeschool our kids and travel full time in order to make lasting memories.

They show us the perfect, shiny pictures but not the meltdowns and credit card bills and frustration. And it makes the rest of us feel like we’re not enough, that we’re doing it wrong.

They want us to be overwhelmed and they’ll continue to sell us quick fixes and hacks that don’t ever actually solve our problems or get us closer to what we want most.
We want cooperation and connection.
We want freedom and adventure.
And we want to know that we made the most of the time and money we’re afforded.

We believe that all of that and more is possible.

We believe: that every family can have incredible adventures without completely uprooting their lives.
We believe: that a simple strategy can eliminate the overwhelm and stress of road trips.
We believe: that having a detailed plan and budget empower us to do more than we thought was possible.
We believe: that an epic road trip begins long before you get in the car and the impact extends long after you get back home.
We believe: that appreciating our differences frees us up to be more authentic and have more fun.
We believe: that families work best - together.
We believe: that road trips change lives.

So, we created Roadtrip Possible.

Because you deserve to have the support and resources to create the road trips you’ve dreamed of without going broke, without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, and without relying on any one person to plan a trip that works for everyone.

You deserve to relax and enjoy your road trip, knowing that you’re investing your time and money wisely.

We are committed to showing you how to eliminate the overwhelm and stress so often associated with road trip planning.

We didn’t always have this strategy or these solutions.

We knew what we wanted when we started planning our first road trip but we struggled to navigate all of the apps and blogs and information online telling us what we should be doing. We found some valuable information and some great tools but couldn’t find anyone or anything that showed us how to actually put it all together in a meaningful way. And for a little while, we felt stuck and small, and honestly, a little scared that we wouldn’t be able to do it.

But we didn’t give up. We became determined to find another way of doing this. We knew that it was possible - and that it would take some practice. So we practiced and documented and worked with our kids and with each other. We researched and planned and tested things out. .

And along the way, we managed to travel more than 40,000 miles, visit 43 states and spend over 700 hours in the car together. And it changed us.

We didn’t just survive. We thrived.

We proved that we could have epic adventures without being stressed, overwhelmed or upending our entire lives.

After every one of our trips dozens of people would ask us how we did it. So, we spent the last 2 years distilling down everything we learned over the last 10+ years into a strategy and a format that is easy to share.

Our mission is to equip families to take road trips that empower and inspire them. We want more people to know that they are capable and deserving. No more noise saying that you can’t, shouldn’t or won’t.

We know the power that a well-planned road trip has to impact every aspect of our lives. And now, we’re committed to sharing it with as many families as we can.

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Roadtrip Possible is so much more than a road trip planning course, or an app, or a book. It's a movement. A movement that says yes to freedom and adventure, yes to connection and empowerment, and most of all yes to NOW!

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