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Jana and Jason Fall Selfie
When we look back at our professional experiences, we can’t help but laugh. . . we’ve done so many different things!
And in each, we found ways to create new systems, advance relationships and help people realize their dreams. We’ve started companies, coordinated large scale community events and in the midst of it all, raised 4 incredible kids.

We are coaches, trainers, parents, readers, builders and more. But mostly, we’re regular folks who believe that everyone should have the tools and support they need to make their dreams reality.

We’ve travelled over 40,000 together since our first road trip in 2012. We’ve visited 43 states, over 80 cities, 14 national parks and countless roadside attractions, museums, zoos, state/city parks and ridden more roller coasters than is probably wise. We’ve done it all while working full time jobs, with kids in school and clubs and sports. And we’ve done it on a pretty tight budget.

The kids are now between the ages of 17 - 25. They have whole grown up lives and jobs of their own and are starting to plan their own road trips.

We are different because of our road trips. Our kids see that the world is wide and lovely and strange. They’ve experienced so much - together. These experiences have given them greater confidence in everyday situations. It’s expanded their lives and their hearts.

And we aren’t special. This is what the road promises to anyone who ventures out with intention.

But we get it! Road trip planning is hard and most of the resources online are either overwhelming or so impersonal that they don’t work for you and your family.

We don’t want anyone to give up on their dream of an epic road trip because the planning is too much. So we’ve worked to make it easier for more families to create epic trips together, growing their connections and creating lasting memories.

So, take a minute and check out our manifesto, or the blog or register for our training. But whatever you do, get going! Take your trip or trips because the world is a big place and we'll never be right here right now ever again. So let's go!