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We believe that road trips change lives.

Taking an epic road trip with your family can be one of the most amazing, rewarding and memorable experiences of your life. But, if you're not careful, road trips can also be the worst, most stressful and miserable experiences.

It's no wonder that there are so many tips out there on how to survive a family road trip. Well, we believe you can do a whole lot better than just survive!

"Family-Focused Road Trips strengthen and transform relationships, create priceless memories, unique connections, and expand the way you see the world and each other."

So, road trips transform families... but how?

They Strengthen Relationships

Family-focused road trips can bring your family closer together. By working and playing together on the road, you get to mix up the daily routines and roles and relate in a new way.

They Create Memories and Connection

An epic cross county road trip creates unique bonds that other vacations just can't. Kids grow up so fast. But even once they're grown, they will never forget the deep connection and unique experiences that you share on the road.

They Expand Your World

Experiencing new things helps you all expand and stretch and grow - together. It encourages meaningful conversations, curiosity and respect. Help your kids see that this country is big and beautiful and full of possibilities.

"The memories we make on the road together last a lifetime. Something you probably can't say about the robe you got last Christmas. So invest in what matters and what lasts. . . your memories and experiences together."

We know road trip planning can be hard!

When we talk about an epic road trip, we aren't just talking about what happens when you drive to grandma's instead of flying . . we're talking about stringing together multiple stops and destinations for an unforgettable experience. The journey is the destination. And, the truth is . . no two road trips are the same. Just like no two families are the same.
Planning an epic, enjoyable road trip that actually works for your unique family can feel pretty daunting. 
Especially when most of the tools and resources out there don't show you how to put it all together which only adds to the overwhelm and frustration.

After all, there are SO many questions to answer!
How do I decide which activities and destinations my family will enjoy most?
What "must sees" actually make sense for our family?
How much time in the car is too much? How far can we really go and still have a blast?
How much will it really cost? Can I actually do this?
How much should we plan ahead of time versus just going with the flow?
How do we decide where to stay the night?
How do I get my kids to cooperate? Do we really just have to accept all the bickering and nagging?
Is it really better to rent a vehicle? And what's the deal with all the extra insurance coverage? Do we need that?
And that is just the start! 
With the right strategy for planning, though, you really can plan a trip that has you feeling confident and relaxed.

We're Here to Help!

We've traveled more than 40, 000 miles across 43 states, 80 cities, 14 national parks and more roller coasters, museums and kitschy roadside attractions than we can count.
And we did it all with 4 kids, 2 jobs, and just 2 weeks of vacation a year!
We're Jason and Jana we've documented everything we learned along the way so that we can help more families get on the road with confidence, We're committed to seeing road trips change lives.

We're bridging the gaps.

Too much of the advice on how to plan a road trip is fragmented into short videos, blog posts and travel books. These fragments often leave huge gaps in any plan. Whether its planning an actual, usable budget or understanding your family’s unique personality, the existing solutions out there leave much to be desired.
Roadtrip possible is different. We’ve taken our experience on the road and distilled it down into one step-by-step system that eliminates the overwhelm, saves time and money, and gets you and your family moving on the adventure of a lifetime!

The secret is making sure you know the 3 essential keys to planning so that you don't make the same mistake that most people make when they plan a road trip.
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We'll help make the most of your planning efforts.


Having a well-defined strategy helps avoid mistakes, save time and money, and keeps you out of the weeds and focused on what really matters - your family.
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Strategy is fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, it has to be implemented. We have the training to help you get on the road faster and with fewer headaches.
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Since every family is different, there are alot of places where standardization jsut won't cut it. We open our calendars to provide the support you need.
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